About us

COM was founded in March 1999. In 2021, we changed our name to COM PROJECTS. We provide services for a wide range of languages including Greek, English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese (Portugal, Brazilian), Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Standard Chinese, Mandarin and many more.

The founder of COM PROJECTS, Amalia Chappa, has studied Archaeology at the University of Athens, Public Archaeology at University College London and Islamic Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies. She has worked as an exhibition and publications coordinator in London and Athens, and she is a researcher and contributor at the Centre for Mediterranean, Middle East and Islamic Studies of the University of Peloponnese. In October 2021, she founded COM PROJECTS, restructured the company’s resources and redefined its vision and philosophy by undertaking larger-scale projects and by broadening its services and network of linguists.